This 5 day, 15 hour beginner course teaches students basic glassblowing techniques by working individually and with a team to develop their hot glass skills. Students will learn what it takes to make a glass cylinder with hands-on demonstrations every class. There will be many different days and times available.glassblowing101

Day 1: 3 hours

  • Introduction to equipment, tools, terms, and shop safety
  • Learn to gather glass out of the furnace and marvering
  • Practice using Jacks and Tweezers to make flowers & snowmen
  • Demo bubble

Day 2: 3 hours

  • Steps and skills on making a glass bubble
  • Shaping the glass; using tools such as blocks, jacks, and marvers
  • Learn proper heating of the glass
  • How to blow a bubble, learn how to be a gaffer and assistant
  • Demo small vessel

Day 3: 3 hours

  • Proper use of tools to make the cylinder shape
  • Make a small vase/cylinder on the blow pipe
  • More concentration on assisting the gaffer
  • Demo cup

Day 4: 3 hours

  • Students go through the entire cylinder making process
  • Drills on making a proper punty
  • Adding color to the glass
  • Transferring to the punty and completing your cylinder

Day 5: 3 hours

  • Demonstrate coldworking techniques
  • Coldworking, grinding, dremeling
  • Critique and discuss your work

Students per class: 3 ***
Course Fee: $450.00/student (includes all materials/tools)IMG_3004edit

Dates: Please contact us for available days/times

*** We do accept Private (1 student) and Semi Private (2 students) lessons:

Private – $495.00/student (total of 5 hours with 1-on-1 instruction)
Semi-Private – $475.00/student (total of 10 hours with 1-on-2 instruction)

(Inquire on what days/times are available for these private lessons)

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Questions: Please contact our office at 732-681-6003. Enrollment is limited so contact us ASAP to hold your spot.

Cancellation Policy: Must cancel prepaid reservation 7 days prior to the event for a full credit towards a future class. If the spot is canceled 1-6 days before the event, there is no refund or credit for any glassblowing activities.